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Randyn Gregg is the eldest of seven children raised by two conservative, loving parents, Roger and Gloria Gregg. Who instilled a love of God, Family, and Country. As the oldest of seven, he knows what it means to be a leader and be bold in the things that matter—such as always, standing up for the US Constitution and our Christian-Judeo heritage that has allowed this country to thrive. 
Randyn is also a small business owner starting Performance Farrier Services in 2016, where he graduated from the well-respected Montana State University Farrier program. This job has allowed Randyn to travel the entire state, meet with various Montana residents, and hear all perspectives of Montanan’s, particularly those involved in Ranching, Farming, and Outfitting. Randyn is  uniquely qualified to have the honor of representing the fantastic people of Montana's 30th House District. Randyn also understands and can identify entrenched interests and swamp creatures that do not have the best interests of Montana at heart, having interned for a US Congressman and worked on various political campaigns before.

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