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Issues We Face

Cows in Pasture


Our family farms and ranches are the very backbone of Montana’s economy. As your state representative, I will always stand by our farmers and ranchers that give so much to this great state and nation.

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If we want a healthy and thriving society, we must return to the fundamentals. What are these basic principles? The first is a robust defense of the family unit. The second is that we must realize the right to and sanctity of life. Lastly, we must instill in young Montanans a love of country and educate them about the incredible sacrifices of our forebears who made it possible to pass the torch of liberty in defense of this great nation. As your representative, I will do the utmost to uphold this.



A significant part of helping foster a thriving and vibrant society for Montana residents is creating an economic environment that allows for the creation of solid, well-paying jobs. This means jobs that can support a family on a single parent’s income. How do we achieve this? The first step is getting the government out of the way by identifying and removing unnecessary and burdensome state regulations. Secondly, occupational licensing reform needs to be vigorously tackled. Finally, I plan on working closely with the Secretary of State’s office on streamlining and modernizing the way new and existing business filings are done. I want to make Montana the most accessible place in the country for entrepreneurs to start new businesses.


Gun Rights

The Second Amendment enshrined in our nation's Constitution is a sacred right that allows us the ability to protect ourselves and our families from harm. Our God-given 2nd Amendment is also the firewall that protects "We the People" from government overreach and despotism. As your legislator, I will not only safeguard but go on the offense to defend and further the rights of all Montanans to own and bear arms.

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Property Taxes & Rural Housing

Over the last few years, property taxes and the ability to afford a home have become increasingly unattainable for the average Montanan. As your representative, I will examine the suggestions of Governor Gianforte's property tax task force to lower overall property taxes. I will also push for solutions to the lack of qualified men and women in vocational training which will lead to an increased number of home builders, contractors, and subcontractors.

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Responsible Use of Taxpayer Dollars

As your future representative, I will ensure that taxes will be cut and hardworking Montana taxpayer dollars are spent in the most efficient way possible.

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